If God is Real, then Why Do Bad Things Happen?…..Why Does Evil Exist?


This one question that is phrased in multiple various ways is something that every single person asks at some point in their lives. It’s something that many struggle with. The big question is “WHY”….. after watching the video above and you’ll really have to watch it multiple times and probably even have to come back to watch it some more until you finally “get it”, until you finally realize that luck, bad luck or coincidence does not really exist.

When you finally realize that Life Happens For You and Not “to you or against you” does your life change, realizing this concept is a game changer! A Life Changer!

I know the concept of Life Happening For You can be a tough idea to accept depending on what you are currently going through or a loved one is going through.  With God’s help you can ask Him to please show you what the purpose is, for you or someone to experience such great sadness or evil.  Below are some examples of sad or evil events and then I’ll give you an outcome of what may occur….

Event:    You might of lost someone you Loved so much due to cancer…why couldn’t God save her?

Outcome: You feel a tremendous amount of sadness and anger of why such a good person may die from a horrible disease.  You must first realize that we are all going to die, nobody lives in this physical world forever. One day, you will physically die yourself, so will your mother, father, husband, wife, brother, sister, your friends…etc.  How we will die, we don’t know. But, what did you learn from the person who passed away with cancer? Did he/she instill something in you that you will always remember and carry on for the rest of your life and pass on to others?  Perhaps, the death of someone will encourage you or cause you to help others deal with someone they lost due to cancer…..or perhaps God has you in a position where you can expose some light to cancer victims on other treatments they can do rather than chemo therapy. As we all know chemo therapy is mostly looked upon as not a cure and many die from that so called treatment.  Or perhaps your purpose may be to bring God into cancer victims before they pass so that they may receive eternal life with Jesus.

Event:  If God is real then why are there people truly starving in other countries who don’t even come close to getting the right nutrition and die every day?

Outcome:   Remember, that God has given us “Free Will” and the ability to choose Love. If this event pulls on your heart, then the real question is Why haven’t you done anything to help this issue? You see, God also needs us to do His Will in this Worldly place. He needs us and He needs you. You must understand that if God and Love exist….then so does Satan and Evil and we must spiritually fight against evil. Without knowing the bad in this world we would never know the good. You are a spiritual being and if you’re here reading this, He is calling you for a bigger purpose. While there are many charities that exist, maybe you will feel compelled to get involved or start your own.  Yes, God himself can easily end all that suffering But, He would then be taking a away your Freedom of Choice, Will and the ability to demonstrate Love. We would then be robotic like. So he changes your Heart, ultimately changing your actions for Good.  If something is tugging on your heart…ask God to help you be the change that is needed and Trust me, you will see some extraordinary things begin to happen.


Is God Real?


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