I know that you feel a calling….something in you caused you to search to see if there is a God and something lead you here. I know that you have many thoughts and questions about if God is real. And I know you sometimes wonder if Heaven is real and if it’s real, how do you get there?

All the answers you seek can be found within the Holy Bible (King James Version) and you can also seek answers from people/elders who also read or teach the Bible and have a relationship with God.

But here’s an interesting concept…….I use to feel like I had to know the Bible inside and out to even be looked upon as a good candidate for Heaven or to even have a relationship with God. There was always that feeling of pressure upon my shoulders that I had to know every little detail about the Bible to even begin to be considered worthy of Heaven.  The truth is, you do not have to be a Bible Scholar. In fact, if you feel the same way I did in the past you have to realize that is Satan’s work, to make you feel that your Not holy enough to begin reaching out to God and that’s just not true, you can reach out to God at any stage in your life.

The Truth is as you begin speaking with God, little by little, as you find out more information you will naturally be gravitated towards the Holy Bible, you’ll begin to want to know what’s in the Holy Bible, everything will begin to flow and you will notice a natural magnetic force to “want” to read the Bible…..and perhaps take the step of getting baptized knowing that Jesus Christ is the way.

There’s something you have to understand: The Bible is a life manuscript, a road map if you will for this existence. It’s God’s way of telling you the history of this earth/reality. It’s God’s way of letting you know how to overcome the evil in this world. It’s God’s way of letting you know how to avoid strife in your life. It’s God’s way of letting you know just how powerful you really are and the authority that you have. It’s God’s way of letting you know what path to choose when you feel lost. It’s God’s way of letting you know that you are certainly not alone. It’s God’s way of unlocking the Holy Spirit within you. It’s God’s way of letting you know how much He Truly Loves you, that He Sacrificed His only Son, Jesus, for your sins.

I’m just naming ONLY A FEW of the things the Bible can do for you. Trust me, there is so much more, that even the most advanced Bible scholar will learn something new or gain something new by going back and re-reading a passage from the Bible.  BUT, you must begin your walk into knowing Christ.

You, right now can make the choice to begin your path towards Heaven and it comes down to 2 things:    The answer is Righteousness and Faith.

Let me first explain Righteousness:

Righteousness is born within us, I have it, your friends have it, your loved ones have it and you have it. However, Righteousness is a choice…it’s our own Free Will to choose that path and walk that path. Righteousness is doing what you know is right and turning away from what you know is wrong.   It’s the evil in this world that contaminates your discernment/righteousness and that is why you must begin opening up the Bible and follow Christ. Many of us live based on the standards of the society around us, which is wrong, we must make the effort to live based on Jesus Christ.  The Holy Bible is the Word of God and sometimes God will speak to you in other ways but you must be open to receive Him.

Continue to be and accept the fact that you are a child of God. You will always be learning at your own pace with Him. Remember that even the elders in Christianity are always learning.



Many people consider Faith as just believing in something, but that’s completely wrong. In order to have or build up real Faith in Christ, you must believe and then take action in what you learn or in what is revealed to you. As you begin your walk with Christ, He will actually reveal things to you, things that would be sitting right in front of you but you have been completely ignoring it. He’ll reveal things to you right when you need it most. Once these certain things are revealed to you, that’s when you must adopt them and do your best to live it. Because your belief will then turn into Knowing and Trusting…and that’s a BIG difference. You will begin to Know Christ.

How awesome is that? Knowing someone that will never let you down, always has your back and will always be there guiding you through life.

It’s not just about believing but knowing Him. I/He promises and guarantees you that your life will begin to change for the better, the people around you will begin to notice something positively different about you and they’re going to want to know what is it that you have and you will receive many blessings. It’s not exactly an easy walk BUT it’s worth it. I know this too well with my own personal experiences.

Belief + Action = Faith

There’s even people out there that can quote you many scriptures within the Bible but they don’t walk in it. You must do your best in taking action with what is revealed to you.

When you live your life in a Righteous way, getting in the Word of God at your own pace and continue to walk in Faith……this will naturally allow you to grow with Christ and you will naturally be building your way to Heaven. It’s not just about doing good deeds, many people have done good deeds on Earth, they make tremendous evil mistakes without repenting and still go to Hell. You must walk with God in your heart in your life, repent and know Jesus Christ.

John 14:6   Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the father, but by me.

You will experience many Blessings here on Earth, I Guarantee it.  Just remember to continue being a child of God.




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  • I love this message!
    This message even helps me in my daily walk with our Heavenly Father.
    Reading His Word, motivates, inspires AND encourages me to be obedient to our Lord and to do good unto others.
    I pray for all of you that are curious and seeking the True Christ, Jesus, that your HEARTS become open and receptive.
    God Bless


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