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  1. Rebecca was diagnosed with a chronic skin disease
  2. She had a Fear of Death
  3. She knew that she was only giving half her Heart to Jesus/God
  4. A broken heart chasing after a boy


Just like anyone who is diagnosed with any chronic disease one of the first thoughts that immediately hit you is whether or not it’s deadly. The spirit of death soon consumes you which causes you to majorly stress out and anxiety will then always occupy your mind,heart and thoughts. Now, just like many other people do,Rebecca, basically made a plea or a deal with God, saying that if she gets what she wants, she will then come to God. Now, if someone is only coming to you when they Only need something….how would that make you feel?  Would it make you feel used?  Like, they really don’t care about you and they just use you temporarily to get what they want and then leave you?

That right there is problem and Rebecca saw it , she knew it was wrong, the spirit in her was revealing truth to her. Her exact words were ” I came to Him only to receive and not serve“, she admitted that once things became okay again she would go back to her normal life realizing that she was only giving to God a half heart. Keep in mind that giving your heart to God is a choice, He does not force anything upon you. Many people go through the same thing, it becomes a yo-yo effect, only going back to God when things get bad.

How often do you go to God for the good things that happen in your life?

Rebecca wanted to be loved, movies and books created the desire to want love and she would mimic what she saw. She came across a guy near the end of high school and pursued him. Now, please pay attention!!!!!  She followed what movies and books told her about Love and what to do with it, which means she followed what “society” pushed her to think was okay and NOT what God shares or instructs us about Love. And because of this, she discovered that she was living a very sinful relationship!   She doesn’t go into details about what types of sin was in her relationship but if you can imagine… it perhaps was full of Lust, Drugs, Fornication and/or Lies……SIN.

She reveals that relationship broke her, she felt betrayed, that she felt so much deep pain and she felt completely dirty!

Being a half-hearted Christian at the time, she admits running back to God again with her problems but this time it was different…..she experienced the True Love of God. For the first time it hit her, she describes her experience as a “first hand experience” of her mind and heart finally realizing what True Love really is, she finally knew what it really meant for when Jesus died for us on the cross….she began experiencing GRACE.

The unworthy feeling was gone and as you can tell by her emotions and tears….this really effected her and her life. Her Heart began being filled with God’s love, she wanted to give all of her to Him….she made that choice. And just so you know, that’s what God wants, He wants our Love…..You can give your pain and troubles to Him….He can take all your burdens. He wants to live with you in your life.

As Rebecca shares….giving your life to Jesus Christ does not mean your life will be perfectly easy but; “He will heal your heart, He will be there for you to comfort you when it gets hard, He will be your strength and He will give you a love that is unbounding! ”


God is Love 1 John 4:161 John 4:16

And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.


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