If you haven’t recognized it yet, God has been calling you. It’s one of the reasons why you did a search to find out if God is real.

When you watch the video above…many of you might think that this woman is completely crazy….how can she or you hear God? It’s one of the most asked questions among searchers. It’s not until you actually give Him a chance, a real chance and actually begin speaking to Him. The woman in the video isn’t crazy,  many of us whom have been building a relationship with God know exactly what this woman is feeling and experiencing, this video footage brings us to tears. Why? because once you begin building a relationship with God, it’s true that you will begin seeing God’s work in you and in others.

It wasn’t too long ago when I questioned if God was real. There’s many reasons why someone would search to find out if God exists, perhaps you lost someone you love, maybe your feeling nothing is going right in your life or perhaps you are completely lost in life wondering if this life you have on earth is it? Whatever your reason may be for wanting to know if God is real, you simply just need to give Him a serious chance and begin listening. It’s about putting some effort in creating a relationship with Him and when you do, you’ll begin to notice certain things.  We often ignore  God when He tries speaking to us… I’m sure you know what I’m talking about? It’s that voice of good where you know or feel you should do something but you do the opposite or ignore it. Or that tugging of your heart to do something  right for someone.

To understand this, you must know and recognize that where there is Love,Good and Righteousness….. there is also evil. Yes, Satan does exist and it’s the entity that wants to keep you away from God. Satan is the one who does not want you to have a relationship with God and Jesus. It’s the negative thoughts, visions and feelings you experience through out your life. Have you ever privately had thoughts or imagined killing or hurting someone? Betraying someone? Stealing? Cheating on someone? Or maybe you were like me in my past where I came close to Killing myself?

These thoughts are provoked by Satan and his minions. Some of you might be thinking that murderers out there are just psychologically twisted, which is true but some negative event has to cause that within someone which is provoked by evil. Drug addicts is a good example of Satan having a strong hold on someone. He preys upon you or I should say that he has been preying upon you since you were a kid. It’s the voice that often instills doubt in your mind or gives you those thoughts that you’re not good enough for the things you want in life.

Some of you might be saying that you experience negative thoughts all the time and I’m here to say that’s because the enemy is messing with your life. That’s why it’s important to know and acknowledge both God’s work and Satan’s work. It causes you to work with God to better defend yourself and fight through challenges in life.

Distractions, it’s what Satan uses to keep you away from God and recognizing His voice. Distractions is what also keeps you from obtaining anything you desire in life because Satan doesn’t want you to be happy and he’ll keeping tripping you up if you continue to let him.  There are an abundant amounts of worldly distractions that exist which some are actually designed to keep you from ever learning or building a relationship with our creator.  So you need to make time, you need to make some real time and begin speaking to Him, He already knows what’s in your heart…you just need to ask Him for some guidance.

God is that Positive and Loving voice that you hear and feel in your heart. He is the energy that brings Loving thoughts and turns them into Loving feelings which then turns into a Loving action. He is the source that compels you to Love the people closest to you but to also Love others. He instills confidence, bravery and strength to take on the worldly challenges.

God lives in you….He lives in all of us and when you begin listening you’ll see some dramatic changes in your life.

The woman in the video was feeling and listening to that Loving inner voice, she trusted in Him, took action and felt God’s Love.


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